Tuesday, March 16, 2010


He nestled up against her as he slept. His breath on the back of her neck. She wondered how it was possible to be so close to someone but at the same time so far away. He knew how she liked her coffee in the morning and that she liked to read the newspaper first so she could smudge out all the bad bits to make the world that little bit more perfect. He knew that without her, he'd look in the mirror and not see himself anymore, for she was part of him. She would die for him, she'd said so before, but as she lay beside him, she knew she couldn't live for him too. 

She turned and noticed that he had awoken. "How did you know that I was the one you wanted?", she asked him. She expected him to look surprised, to ask why. 
"When we met, it was raining. I walked the whole way home and didn't feel a single drop on my skin. With you in my life, it's always sunny". 

"I'm leaving", was her reply, and she got out of bed. He had often thought that all of the most momentous moments in your life happened when you were too busy concentrating on what you thought was coming. When they'd first met, it had been at a party. He hadn't wanted to go because he was studying for an exam. He failed the exam, but looking back he was glad because he'd gained the love of his life. 

Blah blah blah, to be continued, maybe...

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