Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I think one of the nicest things, maybe ever, is knowing that you're loved. I have always taken it for granted. This blog is really difficult to write, because to put the insane amounts of love I feel for my family, and for my friends into words is as close to impossible as I've ever experienced. 

My family. They have done absolutely everything for me. I didn't deserve a second, a cent, but no matter what has happened, they've never stopped giving. Is that what love is? A no matter what? Love is the last twenty one years. My dad, wrapped in My Little Pony duvet. The house he built for me in the garden to play in. All of those GAA matches we went to, just the four of us. My mum, singing in the kitchen. Our holiday to Florida; when it rained, it poured, and we still had the best time ever. My baby brother, who isn't a baby anymore. Where did all that time go, eh? I remember when he couldn't even walk, and now he runs rings around me, making me proud every single day. 
My grandad. Memories would stretch to forever, I think. The most perfect man I know. If I could ever be a teeny bit of the person that he is, I'd have done well. Love is only four letters. It's just too small to hold on to how I feel about our time together. I'll have to think of a better word for you, grandad, 'cause love isn't good enough. <3

My friends - you guys know who you are. I know I do a lot of running. I hide a lot, and I isolate myself and I say that I'm fine and I'm not really... and I think you're gonna leave me, but you never do. Know that I'm not running from you, know that I do love you. I love you all so much. God, I love you guys to the extent that it hurts, so fucking much that it scares me. I will always be here. This is a no matter what. 

Don't go jumping off any bridges!

Love is pretty extraordinary. It's everywhere, and you only really notice it when you look for it. Love is when you look back, and you think, "I wouldn't change anything.". I wouldn't change a moment.

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  1. That post is beautiful, hun! Really really beautiful... x