Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You make me happy.

If you spend your whole life worrying about getting hurt, and not letting people in, you might think you're doing yourself a huge favour... But you're not really. I think I just realised that sometimes you have to give people the opportunity to let you down, for them to show you that they never will, and for you to be pleasantly surprised.

It is okay to allow someone else to make you happy. Being strong isn't the same as being alone.

I've written blogs, or maybe one blog, I dunno, before about sharing happiness. Well, so many people have been sharing their happiness with me, and it's just the most perfect thing ever. It's like a Mexican wave of niceness. I am still pretty scared of losing the positive vibe, and it's hard to get that off my mind but other than that, things are looking up. (:

<3 for the bestest of friends.

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