Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tell me that it's gonna be okay, tell me it's okay now anyway.

Have you ever convinced yourself that your phone was broken? It's easier than believing that no one wants to talk to you, isn't it? Sometimes I just want to know that I do cross someones mind, I need to know that it does matter than I exist. It's the most pathetic thing. I'm always saying to myself in my head, "Oh, you're being so clingy, you're being so stupid" and yeah, I probably am. But that's it, there it is. I desperately need to be needed, and I crazily want to be wanted.

Being by yourself 24/7 is honestly enough to drive anyone insane. It sounds like bliss in the beginning, but when the only person you talk to for days on end is the guy selling you milk in the shop, or someone you bump into accidentally in the street, you really do start to wonder if it'd even be noticed if you dropped off the face of the earth.

I, deep down, know that I do matter to people... and that's why I hate the fact I feel like I need it all to be validated. Why is it not enough for me to just know, why is that not enough?


  1. I know this feeling exactly. I'm always like that.

    You're so amazing, know that :)


  2. I CARE!

    And it's just not enough 'to just know'. For anyone. I think.

  3. Totally know this feeling! I check my phone a ridiculous amount of times during the week. The days I'm not in the shop I don't get to speak to anyone..I know the old saying goes, If you want a friend, be a friend, but it's well tough! I miss talking :(

  4. Because it's the little day to day things that we notice first.

    I'd miss you if you disappeard.

    Music works for me,I'd go a week only seeing maybe 2/3 people,but listening to song kind of lessens the blow a bit,hearing a new voice[even if it's just a recording] helps a little.
    Try it,what's the worst that could happen?

  5. Oh, just so much <3 for all you guys. Seriously.