Friday, April 23, 2010

I was driving a few days ago and I saw the most wonderful armchair abandoned by the side of the road. That chair, it had to have been older than I am and oh, the urge to try and bring it home with me was overwhelming. I love really old armchairs. They remind me of my grandad. He always, and I mean always, sits in the same chair. He has had it for decades and every so often, he has it reupholstered. It looks different, but it feels the same. We used to sit in that chair together when I was a kid and he'd tell me stories. It was the place to go to when you needed a hug, when you'd fallen and scraped your knees and needed your mind taken off it. I'm looking for a chair for my apartment now, a special chair, that looks like it can hold the weight of a million dreams. 
I'll keep you updated on how the search goes! :)


  1. " ....that looks like it can hold the weight of a million dreams. "

    I Love the way you write.